Our mission is a simple one: to offer our clients the chance to connect with their audience in the most genuine way possible.


Whatever your goals, at some point, you need the power of authentic contact. Insight gathered from face-to-face meetings with real people in real situations. The kind of valuable understanding only achievable through empathy.

This is what we do best.

Our view

There are no such things as ‘consumers’ – only people. And the best way to find out what people really feel and think about your brand is to meet with them. Because as undeniably important as digital research tools have become, they’ll never replace the authenticity of response you get by sitting with someone and talking. Here’s where real insight begins. So here’s where we start. Always.

What we do

We put the questions you really need answered to the people best placed to answer them - whether that’s in specially convened groups, collaborative workshops or in one-to-one interviews in people’s homes. 


By providing an inspiring window into your target audience, we deliver informed opinion and strategic direction to help you to achieve your marketing goals and grow your business. 

How we can help

We design research for any question, decision or strategy that needs to be made in the development of a brand, product or service.

Audience Understanding

Value Proposition Design

New Product Development

Brand Evaluation and Positioning

Communications Development

Design & Creative Development

Why partner with us

There are many reasons to work with us, and we'd be delighted to talk you through them. They all amount to the level of quality, commitment and cost-efficiencies that we can offer as an independent consultancy.


But what we pride ourselves on, is the fact that we're prepared to walk through walls for our clients. This is our business after all. We’re not working for anyone else. It’s a ‘no brainer’.

Who we are

Wavelength research consultancy brings together market research and branding professionals for projects of almost any specialism or scale. With backgrounds in marketing, advertising, brand strategy and visual arts, our team are based in London, with partners dispersed throughout the UK and Europe with capability for projects across the world.

Wavelength was created by Tom O’Dwyer, a qualitative researcher and brand strategist who believes that genuine research approaches can achieve far more insightful outcomes. 

Our experience

We have worked with brands as diverse as their audiences. Across aviation, banking, technology, luxury, automotive, energy, FMCG, media and telecommunications, we have helped connect brands with their audiences in the UK and throughout the world.


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